By Zak on 11/03/2016

Hope you enjoyed my last blog – I’ve had some really positive feedback and also some surprise expressed about me, a mere DOG, writing a blog.  Well, all I can say is – if humans can do it why can’t a dog?

My only problem is keyboards are not designed for my paws and I’ve tried capturing my thoughts via voice input but for some reason my barks don’t seem to be translatable by Google – and I thought they could do anything so over to you Google!!

Some of you have asked me whether there is anything you can do yourself when faced with a blocked toilet, sink or gully so I thought this month I’d share my thoughts on this in the blog and try to save you some money – but please don’t tell my master Nick!!

Blocked toilet

If you have a blocked toilet please don’t keep flushing it – the water has nowhere to go and only makes the situation worse.  Grab some rubber gloves , a plunger and possibly some protective goggles and have a go at plunging the toilet (remember to protect the floor around the toilet with paper or a plastic sheet). 

If it’s simply due to excess toilet paper then you may be able to unblock it yourself.  I know some people recommend using a coat hanger or putting washing up liquid and hot water down but plunging is the safest DIY way. 

Unblocking a toilet 

It may take quite a few plunges before it unblocks but if you think you’ve managed to clear the blockage then flush it to check. 

However, if still a problem do call our friendly experienced team and we’ll come and do the dirty work for you.

Sometimes the problem is not actually in the toilet itself and can be a blockage further down the line – in which case you are not going to sort it yourself. We’ve been called to many blocked toilets which are caused by rubble, plaster and even roots further down the line and your blocked toilet is just telling you there’s a bigger problem to be dealt with.

Zak’s TOP TIP: Whatever the cause I strongly recommend you don’ t put wipes, nappies or paper towels down the loo at any time and don’t get carried away with using too much toilet paper in one go – leave the unrolling of toilet rolls to my friend, the cute Andrex puppy.

Blocked Sink

The same advice goes for your blocked sink – again try plunging before calling us but go easy on all those drain unblocking  chemicals you are recommended to put down your sink – they are not environmentally friendly and really don’t solve the problem in the long term. If plunging doesn't solve the problem then leave it to the experts.  

However, once unblocked we do recommend using an environemntally friendly biological enzyme on a regular basis to keep your sink clear. It's simple and it works.

As mentioned in my last blog please don’t put fat down the sink – you’ll regret it later.

Blocked Gully

We’ve had a lot of rain recently and for some reason my master doesn’t always want to go out in it – and when we have been for a walk he then doesn’t like me shaking myself indoors. I’m also not allowed to walk anywhere in the house or office when I get back from a lovely walk – I think those muddy paw marks look great but not everyone agrees..….

All this recent rain has meant Drain Doctor’s been called out quite a few times to clear blocked gullies that have been blocked by debris build up. (Gullies are those ground level drains which waste and storm water discharge into).

A blocked or slow draining gully is often just a symptom of a more serious problem but you could initially try clearing any twigs, leaves, grass, gravel or silt that is around the entrance to the gully. If the problem is not obvious then try using a drain rod to loosen any debris that might have built up in the gully. However, be careful to not damage the gully itself or lose the drain rod (we’ve been called out many times to retrieve drain rods!!)

Blocked gully

If you do manage to loosen the debris then flush the gully through with water and ensure you do some preventive maintenance in the future to stop it happening again.

If you can't resolve the problem yourself please call us sooner rather than later and preferably not at 4pm when you’ve been rodding all day and lost one of the rods in the process. Remember late afternoon is my time for a walk so when I hear the phone ring and lost rods are mentioned I just put my paws over my ears and go back to sleep as I know I won’t be getting my walk for a while.

ZAK’s Top TIP: Try a bit of preventive maintenance to stop this happening – obviously keep the area where the water enters the gully clear of any debris – leaves, twigs, grass, gravel and soil or silt.

Last but not least.... how NOT to erect a new fence

Before I go I just wanted to share another tip with you – DON’T put fence stakes through your pipework – it’s not very clever and can make that new fence very expensive.

I can hear you asking who would do such a thing – well we’ve just been asked to sort exactly this problem twice in as many months!!

If you are having a new fence erected then lease take care when driving in those fence posts – check where your pipes are first – it’s too late when you’ve gone through a drain and not always immediately obvious that the damage has been done - but you’ll soon know about it.

Drain Doctor can help identify where the drains are located if you are at all unsure. A quick visit from us before you start could save you a lot of money later. And we have several customers who can vouch for this....

Fence post through drain

Happy Easter

Just wanted to wish all my readers a Happy Easter full of long walks and lots of Easter Eggs Hunts – sadly no Easter Eggs for me but I am hoping for a tasty Easter bone or two……

Don’t forget if you have a drainage or plumbing problem over the Easter holiday period Drain Doctor Glos is open 24/7 so if you need us we’ll be there!! We're only a phone call away.....




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