By Zak on 15/04/2016

Hope you’ve all had an enjoyable Easter and are ready for the next Bank Holiday at the beginning of May.

Bit of a mixed bag in this blog – everything from buying a house to preventing rats moving in with you!!

Traditionally this time of the year is the start of the house hunting season so I thought I’d share some of my wisdom with you about potentially saving money when buying a house…..

 House purchase

My master, Nick, says everyone should have a CCTV drain survey done when they buy a house (I know he would say that anyway) but he has managed to save quite a few customers money by identifying problems in the drains before the house has been bought.  I say you’re buying peace of mind – we might find nothing is wrong but how would you know?

Sometimes it’s just a simple blockage that can be sorted by jetting but we had one customer recently who found serious root problems which would have cost several thousands of pounds to sort. They managed to negotiate a reduction in the price of the house!!  We’ve even found rubble in the drainpipes of new houses and also rat infestations which the seller knew nothing about.

So what’s a few hundred pounds spent on preventive action when you’re spending lots more on buying the house….

Talking of rats I’m not a fan of them myself – I leave the chasing of them to my pal, Sam, the sheepdog but as we’ve had a recent spate of callouts regarding rat related issues I thought I’d better share a few tips with you on how to avoid the problem.

Rats are quite good swimmers (bit like me really!!) and can get into your home via damaged or unmaintained storm or sewer drains, getting round unbends in toilets as well as using drain and soil pipes to get into your cavity walls and attics.

I hear my master Nick telling customers there are now more rats about due to the recent flooding (which has forced them out of the sewers) as well as milder winters and I’ve even heard him say you are never more than 6ft away from one!! Help - I’d better keep an eye on my dinner bowl …..

Quite often we only get called out when the rats have got in and starting causing damage and we are asked to undertake a CCTV survey of the drains to check where they are getting in. We often end up fitting one way valves in the underground drainage or lining cracked pipes.  

Rat and drain pipe

However, if you want to prevent them entering your property in the first place you might want to undertake a bit of preventive maintenance.

ZAK’S TOP TIP: Regularly check pipe work for any cracks or breakages and ensure you have proper covers for your drains. Broken gully pots, collapsed or cracked pipes are ideal opportunities for the little devils to get in!!  It’s also surprising how many redundant drainpipe connections are left uncapped when building work has been undertaken so ensure any drain related building work you have done is sealed properly.

Don’t forget if you have a drainage or plumbing problem Drain Doctor Glos is open over the May Bank holiday so if you need us we’ll be there!!


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