Video footage and photos taken by our CCTV drainage cameras show you the exact condition of your drains.

Drain Doctor uses CCTV drain cameras to target the exact locality of faults, minimising the amount of digging required - saving time, saving you money and saving disruption.

Choose from our range of CCTV drainage inspection services:

  1. 1. CCTV Drainage Inspections provides video footage on a CD, photos of any damage and a detailed report which is produced using WinCan V8 professional software - complete with an easy to understand ‘traffic light’ chart:
  • Red - ­immediate work is needed.
  • Amber - we propose simple preventative maintenance to ensure your drains are keep in good working order, thus minimising potential future costs.
  • Green - everything is working perfectly, no work is needed.
  • 2. Drain Condition Reports provide you with a written report of the state of your drain highlighting and issues that we may have found that require remedial action. 
  • 3. 'Look See' CCTV Inspections where we show you whilst using the camera on site the state of your drains and point out any areas of concern.
  • 4. We also provide Pre and Post build CCTV Inpsection surveys to comply with the Water Authorities requirements and this is produced using WinCan V8 software.

Unlike many drain repair companies, we use specialist CCTV cameras on each drain clearance to check your drains are in perfect working order.

So if you are concerned about your drains then call 0800 068 1216 today to book a Drain Doctor CCTV drainage inspection.