We offer a wide variety of CCTV drainage inspections ranging from a simple 'look see' to a full survey using the professional Wincan V8 tool to report our surveys in an easy to understand format.

'Look See' CCTV survey

Drain Doctor always undertakes a 'Look See' survey after clearing a blocked drain. It allows us to check the source of the blockage and show you, whilst we are on site, the current status of your drainage system. We are then able to discuss with you any findings and recommendations to ensure your drains stay running smoothly.

Home Buyers/Drain Condition CCTV survey

Drain Repairs can be expensive so many Home Buyers now have a Drain Condition Report undertaken before they buy.  This can result in savings on future maintenance and provide peace of mind as to the condition of the drains of your new home.

We can provide a full written survey on headed notepaper which will include photographs of any problems identified along with the cost of the repair.

Full CCTV report

This type of report gives the exact location of faults which are then photographed and included within your report along with your DVD.

It is often required by your local Water Authority before you are given permission to proceed with any building works to extend your home. We offer both a Pre-Build survey which provides for the Water Authority a detailed WinCan drainage report with DVD and a Post Build survey to satisfy the Water Authority that the drainage related work has been undertaken correctly. 

Our team will happily answer any questions you may have regarding any issues found within your drainage system and will readily offer advice as to the best and most effective course of action to take.