Answer: Use Drain Doctor Enzyme

There many drain clearing products on the market but in reality most of them just provide a short term solution and you are likely to have the problem re-occur.

At Drain Doctor Gloucestershire we prefer to use an enzyme based product which is far more effective than chemical based products.

 Drain Doctor Gloucestershire enzyme

Our enzyme cleaner digests organic waste in your drains and breaks down the fat and grease which can cause smells and ultimately blockages.

Using this product on a regular basis will help keep your drains flowing and smell free. 

Also from an environmental point of view a biological solution is far better than pouring chemicals down your drain. 

However, in order to prevent the problem in the first place we suggest the following:

- Never pour fat and grease down the sink - allow to cool and dispose of it in your bin

- Don't pour any old oil, paint, solvents, acidic or caustic substances down the drain

- Never put 'flushable' cat litter down the toilet - it will block it

- 'Disposable' wipes should not be put down the toilet - they are one of our No.1 causes of blockages as they do not decompose quickly enough

- Thick blue paper towels should not be put down the toilet either.

If you are at all unsure of the state of your plumbing or drainage Drain Doctor Gloucestershire can carry out an inspection for you to check for any leaks, damage or corrosion.