By on 10/06/2015


It was a lucky escape for a trapped family dog thanks to survey work by Drain Doctor Plumbing & Drainage Gloucestershire Ltd.

Nick Cousins, the owner of Drain Doctor Gloucestershire, received a call about a dog trapped down a drain near Stroud and immediately sent technician Pete Woodhouse to investigate.

The fire brigade was already on the scene but had been unable to locate the dog. Drain Doctor was asked to survey what turned out to be a badger sett or rabbit warren. The inquisitive terrier had gone into the hole and got trapped.

Nick Cousins said: “Pete surveyed the hole but the CCTV equipment is designed for drains not holes of loose earth. The hole was examined thoroughly but to no avail.”

Pete suggested that in order to locate the position of the dog underground they use specialist audio equipment that Drain Doctor uses to detect leaks underground by listening for the noise of flowing water but as such sophisticated listening devices are not kept on their vans Pete had to return to the yard to get it. On his return to the site he was able to locate the dog by tracing the noise coming from deep in the warren and marked the location on the surface where to start digging.

Flossie was dug out of her subterranean fix by Markey Construction worker Chris, who happened to be on site, Pete from Drain Doctor and Gwen’s neighbour Bryan.

When freed the terrier, Flossie, was none the worse for wear and was reunited with his owner, Mrs Gwen Harkess just hours after the incident thanks to the expertise of Drain Doctor and the local emergency services.

Mrs Harkess said: “I am delighted that Drain Doctor could help and I can’t praise Pete enough for his persistence in locating Flossie and helping to get her out."

“He was amazing, and stayed with us for several hours and helped with digging. Pete went above and beyond his Drain Doctor duties!"

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