By on 13/09/2016

Always know where your main stop valve is located and ensure it is labelled. It is on  the incoming mains water supply and is often under the kitchen sink.

Stop valves tend to corrode slightly with time, so check yours is working by turning the valve twice from fully open to fully closed and back again (and always back the valve off ‘half a turn’ from fully open once you’re done).

Inspect toilet cisterns both inside and out for operation and wear. If there are any signs of corrosion or leaking, contact Drain Doctor.

Don’t flush paper towels or napkins and don't pour grease or fat from cooking down the sink.. Never dispose of paint or chemicals down the drain.

It's definiterly Spring so why not ask Drain Doctor to inspect your drains for leaks, damage and corrosion. By using a CCTV camera in the drains we can identify exactly where they are cracked, damaged or misaligned.

If you'd like us to come along and do a HEALTH CHECK on your plumbing and drainage just call us now on 0800 068 1216.


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