By Drain Doctor on 09/05/2017

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Welcome to the third instalment of our 'Save Your Water' series.

With the summer just around the corner, we thought we would share with you some tips and tricks on how to save some water in your garden. With the use of hosepipes, the amount of water used in the garden is pretty high, but there are ways to help reduce this: 

Garden Equipment:

  • Hosepipes are probably the most used piece of equipment used in the garden in the summer. We water our plants with them, wash our cars, fill up paddling pools, you name it, and when you're using them every weekend it can add up to quite a lot. To reduce the amount of water wasted when using your hosepipe, fit a trigger nozzle onto the end so that the water isn't continuously running. 
  • When watering your plants, why not use a watering can instead of the hosepipe? These reduce the amount of water used significantly whilst still giving your plants the right amount of water.
  • An even better water to save water when in the garden is to install a water butt in your garden. We do live in England, so why not make the most out of those inevitable rain showers and store the water? You can then use this for anything from watering the plants to washing the dog!
  • Avoid using a pressure washer for long periods of time as they use more water than you might think. When purchasing one, make sure you get a water efficient model to save as much water as you can. 
  • Sprinklers are one of the biggest water wasters, so if you have to use one, try to use in in the early morning or late evening as this is when evaporation rates are at their lowest. 


  • A great trick for watering your plants is to use any bath water. Obviously, once you've had a bath, you can't do much with the water. However, your plants won't mind if the water is a little dirty, so simply put some of it in a watering can and save it for watering the plants! Obviously, as the water is dirty, don't use it for any fruit and veg or around children.
  • Cover any flowerbeds or mud with bark or mulch. It not only prevents evaporation but also stops your garden from becoming too muddy. 
  • Don't worry if your grass goes a little brown, it will help it to build up a resistance so it will recover quicker after rainfall. 

So, when you're tending to your garden this summer, remember these tips to help save some water! Every little bit helps......



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